Our use-cases

Discover what our PagoNxt APIs can help you build. Check out some examples!

  • Financial Institutions

    Process payments in 25+ currencies with our APIs, and receive statements and notifications for easy reconciliation

    What can we offer you? 

    • Correspondent vostro account in +25 currencies
    • International payments to + 50 countries 
    • Instantaneous payments to development countries through a unique correspondent network
    • Reconcile instantly using our online APIs and statements via Swift
  • Universities

    Offer students a seamless payment experience with real-time traceability using our simple reconciliation solution

    What can we offer you?

    • Accept client payments in their local currency through multi-currency accounts
    • Management and tracking of payments collections
    • Provision of alternative payment methods to your students

Our core products

Plug & play with PagoNxt modules

Experience instant, cost-effective credit transfers

Through our great correspondent network, we can make your payments arrive faster easier and at an optimal price 

Our combination of international and local schemes, enables us to maximize our clients' experience 

  • Make uncapped, high-value payments within the EEA.

  • Send funds between geographical areas (such as UK and USA).

  • Make electronic transfers between two accounts in the same Santander bank.

  • Visit us often to find out more about our new payment rails.

Hold your money globally and safely with us

PagoNxt Accounts allow you to hold your money in over 25 currencies, giving you flexibility and control over your treasury needs

Our virtual accounts solution helps streamline your reconciliation process, making it easier to keep track of your payment collections and stay organize

  • Corporate

    Make and receive payments in your own name

  • Vostro

    Help you reach new markets and currencies

  • Virtual

    Associate a reconciliation structure to one of your corporate accounts

Get more value for your money with PagoNxt FX

With PagoNxt FX, you will visualize the exchange rate before any transaction. Get full transparency on the prices, no hidden commissions applied!